Crona Property is a part of the alliance of Crona Group companies, which is one of the largest construction companies in Cyprus since 2001, and it is rapidly growing and developing day by day.
Crona Property specializes in prestigious construction projects and meets the highest quality standards. The company is a proud owner of the Alpha category certificate, which has been received for quality and efficiency. In the arsenal of the company, Crona Group has everything in the field of construction, any facilities of any category, which makes it easier to implement even the most ambitious plan.


Cyprus is an island with a unique atmosphere and a favorable climate! It is not surprising that everyone who is visiting at least once, the most beautiful island of the Mediterranean, stays here forever.

Cyprus real estate is a great option for investment. Living on the island, you can combine a wonderful vacation, comfortable life, and a successful business. If you are going to visit Cyprus only for holidays, and not to live here all the time, then you can easily give your house, apartment, or villa for rent in your spare time and get a good income. Warm, sunny weather attracts travelers from all over the world, so real estate is rarely empty, especially in resort areas.


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