Investing in a passport program

One of the services of Crona Property is the organization of investment according to the passport program. Buying ready-made real estate in the amount of 2 million euros and more or by building your own property in Cyprus, you can obtain citizenship of this country. Government of the island launched this investment program in 2016 in order to attract foreign investment. Currently, a Cyprus passport gives the right to reside, work, study and do business in all countries of the European Union.

 The most reliable and profitable investment is real estate. The procedure for acquiring residential or commercial real estate is quite complicated and energy consuming. It consists of several stages:

1. Selection of real estate.

2. Coordination of the preliminary contract.

3. Opening a bank account.

4. The conclusion of the contract of sale.

5. Registration of the contract in the land commission.

6. Settlements with the provision of real estate.

7. Registration of rights of free use of real estate.

Crona Property will provide you with professional advice and assistance in acquiring real estate. The company’s specialists perfectly know the laws of Cyprus. They will help to collect and prepare all the necessary documentation and will make the process of acquiring of the real estate or building your own project easier.