Residence permit

Crona Property will help you to complete all the necessary documents in Cyprus and advise you on all your questions. This procedure is popular, because the process of obtaining the residence permit is quite simple and takes about 2 months from the date of documents submission.
Among the advantages of Cyprus as a place to live and work, we should note the lowest in the EU Corporate tax, which is only 12.5%, the absence of inheritance tax and there is agreement with 57 countries on the refusal of double taxation.

Any buyer of real estate in Cyprus has the right to obtain a residence permit, the main conditions for this are:
• Payment of at least 200,000 euros of the total cost of the property;
• the annual income of the buyer from 30,000 euros + 5,000 for each family member, as well as 8,000 euros for each parent of the applicant;
• The flow of funds for the purchase of real estate from sources outside Cyprus;
• Availability of a certificate of criminal record;
• Certificate from a Cypriot bank confirming the availability of an amount of EUR 30,000;
• Application with a statement that the buyer and his family are not intended to be employed in Cyprus.
• To obtain a residence permit for children older 25 years and their families, the value of the property must exceed 600,000 euros.

Applicants receive a residence permit automatically, as do adult children under 25 who are students.

A residence permit is a whole group of benefits that become available with investment in real estate in Cyprus. Qualified specialists of Crona Property will help you to deal with all the necessary conditions and documents.

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